Center for Equity and Inclusion

Welcome to the Center for Equity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to providing vital leadership in the pursuit of fostering a fair and rewarding campus experience for all members of the Longhorn community. We invite you to explore our website and our available services below, where you will find many tools designed to support a respectful learning and working environment.

Inclusive Campus Support

Inclusive Campus Support is a centralized resource for the development of an inclusive campus climate. This unit provides an online anonymous experience form for university community members to share their campus climate experiences that are concerning and helpful. Peer support is provided through consult without referral (unless required by law or institutional policy) and through sharing university/community resources.

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Institute for Restorative Justice

Are you or your team encountering experience-centered harm? The Institute for Restorative Justice is dedicated to assisting you navigate harm through our Restorative processes, educational opportunities, or programmatic support planning.

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Affirmative Action Program

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) are foundational components of the university’s work toward ensuring a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace for its employees. They are also legally required due to the university’s status as a federal contractor. The CEI serves as a resource in supporting the institutional responsibility for implementing EEO and AA across campus.

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If you would like to inquire about our available services with a CEI team member, please request a CEI consultation below.

CEI’s Annual Report is now live and available to view.