Center for Equity and Inclusion


Inclusive Campus Support

As part of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (DDCE), Inclusive Campus Support provides an online anonymous tool for university community members to share their campus climate experiences that are concerning or helpful. Peer support is provided through consult without referral (unless required by law such as Title IX) and through sharing university/community resources. Categorized general information regarding submitted experiences is shared with the university community to expand transparency and to inform education and practices for the development of a more inclusive campus climate.

Campus Climate Experience

A “campus climate experience” can be any situation associated with UT-Austin that occurs and impacts a member of the university community – students, staff, faculty, alumni, or visitors. An experience may be something that an individual finds concerning, making the campus climate less inclusive or something that an individual finds helpful, making the campus climate more inclusive.

ICS Support

Provide your information using this form to be contacted by a staff member from Inclusive Campus Support who can assist with any questions regarding campus climate experiences.

Experience Form Data

These data reflect campus climate experiences submitted to Inclusive Campus Support. This information is shared in an effort to provide transparency regarding campus climate experiences impacting the university community and can be utilized to inform education and practice.

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding consultations, presentations, or data from Inclusive Campus contact us either by phone or email.

Phone: 512-232-1600