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Our Approach

The Center for Equity and Inclusion’s Diversity Education program focuses on meeting learners where they are and helping them understand other people’s experiences, learn new skills, and reflect on how to apply those skills and new understandings.

Our approach to diversity education begins with the Listening Experience, an opportunity for learners to connect to diversity topics and issues by listening to each other’s experiences regarding various topics including learning through mistakes, workplace conflict, belonging, and more.[1]

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Organizational Learning

We offer three scaffolded levels of diversity learning engagement for organizations. Please fill out our consultation form to learn more.

Level 1: The Listening Experience

For organizations interested in giving learners an opportunity to learn through storytelling, Level 1 provides flexibility in focus and scope. By centering people and their narratives, the Listening Experience helps activate empathy and orients learners towards open curiosity. Badging is not available for Level 1.

Level 2: The Listening Experience + Workshop(s)

For organizations that want to help learners acquire or refresh skills in diversity and inclusion, Level 2 first prepares learners to receive knowledge by guiding them through the Listening Experience, where they will expand their understanding through storytelling. After the Listening Experience, we introduce skills and frameworks learners can apply to increase inclusion in their organizations. Badging is available for Level 2.

Level 3: The Listening Experience + Workshop(s) + Reflecting to Implement

For organizations that want to offer learners guidance from preparation through learning and reflection, Level 3 prepares learners first with the Learning Experience, then offers workshop(s) with skills and frameworks, and finally guides learners through reflection to help them process what they have learned and identify how to implement new skills in their daily activities. Badging is available for Level 3.

 The Listening ExperienceWorkshopsReflecting to ImplementBadging Available
Level 1x   
Level 2xx x
Level 3xxxx

Request a Consultation

Diversity Education offers workshops by request on various topics. Please fill out our consultation form to learn more.

The DDCE and other university partners provide additional offerings. Please visit the page to learn more about other services.

[1] The research of Thomas F. Pettigrew, PJ Manney, and others has suggested that intergroup contact decreases intergroup prejudice, particularly if that contact takes the form of storytelling

Manney, P. J. (2008). Empathy in the Time of Technology: How Storytelling is the Key to Empathy. Journal of Evolution & Technology, 19(1), 51–61.

Pettigrew, T. F. (2008). Future directions for intergroup contact theory and research. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 32, 187–199.