Center for Equity and Inclusion

On Demand Courses

The University of Texas at Austin has partnered with a leader in online professional development, Vector Solutions, to offer on-demand asynchronous diversity education resources for University students, faculty, and staff. The Vector Solutions courses are based on research, written by experts, and easy to use.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Course Topics:

  • Your Identities
  • Your Influence
  • Your Community

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Faculty & Staff

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

A diverse campus must also be inclusive. By focusing on key concepts that shape our world and inform our shared values and experiences, this course explores the nature of diversity and provides practical strategies for workplace inclusion

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Managing Bias

Bias is very common in the workplace, which can create an unhealthy work environment when left unchecked. This course defines a complex topic in easy-to-understand terms and provides research-backed tools to manage bias in the workplace.

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