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Institute for Restorative Justice

The Institute for Restorative Justice (IRJ) is a university resource that offers a spectrum of services rooted in Restorative Justice practices for UT faculty, staff and students. Our services seek to address and mitigate behavioral concerns pertaining to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression and genetic information.

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Restorative Service Offerings

To support the university community, the IRJ is excited to announce the following spectrum of Restorative service offerings.

Have you experienced or engaged in harm related to identity? Are you looking for a process that can potentially address impacts, and empower you to meet needs differently?

The Institute for Restorative Justice offers Restorative processes which are voluntary, remedies based, and designed to balance support and accountability between or among affected parties.

With the support of a trained facilitator, harmed and responsible parties are empowered to reflect on their individual needs and obligations in an effort to support their growth and mitigate future harm to themselves or others.

IRJ offers two Restorative tracks, which include:

  • Restorative Justice Alternative (RJA)
    • Non-Policy: Identity related matters
  • Restorative Practices Alternative (RPA)
    • HOP 3-3031: Track C, Title IX related concerns

Please note: Title IX matters are determined eligible for RPA by the Title IX Coordinator; approval of the parties’ voluntary agreement is necessary to proceed.

Are you looking to request a workshop related to restorative engagement and frameworks that are tailored to your community or unit’s needs?

Are you interested in identifying co-learning opportunities and trainings that advance your understanding of Restorative Justice and implementing restorative skills?

The IRJ is a central resource for the university community, offering educational opportunities in implementing Restorative Justice ideologies and practices and navigating identity-centered relationship dynamics through trainings and workshops for specific colleges, schools and units.

Are you interested in enhancing your unit or community’s structural and interpersonal approaches to relationship building and responding to conflict and harm?

The Institute for Restorative Justice offers Programmatic Support for strategic engagement to colleges, schools and units, and to communities who are interested in incorporating a Restorative lens to formal and informal structures or processes.

If you are interested in Restorative Justice services or want to learn more, we invite you to consult with us.

FAQs about Restorative Frameworks and Services